Afonia : Smile Of Sisyphus

Afonia: Smile Of Sisyphus

Smile Of Sisyphus


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Grindcore / Powerviolence from Asha, Russia

Track list

1 Great Man
2 Свобода-Конвой (Freedom-Convoy)
3 Dead Cows
4 Devotion Or Diversion
5 Total Dependence
6 Indifference
7 All The Invisible Children
8 Dimension Seven (The Wipers Cover)
9 Не рабом – не господином (Not A Slave – Not A Master)
10 Condemned System (Terrorizer Cover)
11 Ivan Hates People, But Regularly Attends The Party Meeting
12 Sooner Or Later (7 Seconds Cover)
13 Forces
14 Revolution

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