At the Drive In : Anthology - This station is non-operational

At the Drive In: Anthology - This station is non-operational

Anthology - This station is non-operational

At the Drive In

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Track list

CD-1 Fahrenheit 2:25
CD-2 Picket Fence Cartel 2:29
CD-3 Chanbara 2:57
CD-4 Lopsided 4:40
CD-5 Napoleon Solo 4:44
CD-6 Pickpocket 2:35
CD-7 Metronome Arthritis 3:58
CD-8 198d 4:03
CD-9 One Armed Scissor 3:45
CD-10 Enfilade 5:02
CD-11 Non-Zero Possibility 5:33
CD-12 Incetardis 3:26
CD-13 Doorman’s Placebo 5:32
CD-14 Autorelocator 4:59
CD-15 Rascuache (Remix) 3:24
CD-16 This Night Has Opened My Eyes 3:58
CD-17 Initiation 3:33
CD-18 Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk 5:03
DVD-1 One Armed Scissor Video
DVD-2 Invalid Litter Dept. Video
DVD-3 Metronome Arthritis Video
DVD-4 Operations Manual (Electronic Press Kit)
DVD-5 Discography
DVD-6 Extras

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