Autumn Tears : Convalescence - a Retrospective

Autumn Tears: Convalescence - a Retrospective

Convalescence - a Retrospective

Autumn Tears

Dark Vinyl
CD 14,95 €

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Track list

1. They Watch With Closed Eyes
2. Ode To My Forthcoming Winter
3. The Eloquent Sleep
4. This … My Melancholic Masquerade
5. A Dreaming Kiss
6. The Intermission
7. The Dance
8. The Never
9. The Widowtree
10. Pandora’s Womb
11. Eclipse
12. The Last King Falls
13. The Hallowing
14. The Widowtree (Original 1998 Version)
15. Commemoration (Demo Version)
16. Flight (Demo Version)

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