Bastards : Siberian Hardcore

Bastards: Siberian Hardcore

Siberian Hardcore


FIN Höhnie Records
Hö 84
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FIN Höhnie Records - Hö 84 - 1983/2005

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Track list

A1 Tomorrow
A2 War Heroes
A3 No Noise In The Silent World
A4 Soldiers Of God
A5 Salvation
A6 Black Parade
A7 Binding Rules
A8 World Burns To Death
A9 Anxious To Forget
B1 Siberian Hardcore
B2 Lord Taketh, Lord Giveth
B3 Red Freedom
B4 Vote For Your Lords
B5 Junky’s Life
B6 Blind Hate
B7 Balance Of Horror
B8 The Beginning Of The End
B9 Insane World

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