Bayley, Blaze : Live in France

Bayley, Blaze: Live in France

Live in France

Bayley, Blaze

2CD 16,99 €

a brand new double live album, recorded at the famous Chez Paulette venue, near Nancy, France in May 2018.

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Track list

Disc one
1. Redeemer
2. Are You Here
3. Futureal
4. The First True Sign
5. Silicon Messiah
6. Dawn of the Dead Son
7. Escape Velocity
8. Fight Back
9. Prayers of Light
10. Virus
Disc two
1. Independence
2. Immortal One
3. Human
4. Calling You Home
5. Endure and Survive
6. Angel and the Gambler
7. Man on the Edge
8. A Thousand Years
9. Infinite Entanglement
10. Dark Energy

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