Bechet, Sidney / Mezzrow, Mezz : The Prodigious Bechet - Mezzrow Quintet & Septet

Bechet, Sidney: The Prodigious Bechet - Mezzrow Quintet & Septet

The Prodigious Bechet - Mezzrow Quintet & Septet

Bechet, Sidney / Mezzrow, Mezz

FRA Disques Festival

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FRA Disques Festival - ALBUM 117 -

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Track list

A1 I’m Speaking My Mind (Quintet) 4:40
A2 Never Will I Forget The Blues (Quintet) 4:18
A3 Cow-Cow Blues 2:40
A4 I Want Some (Quintet) 4:06
A5 I Got You Some (Quintet) 3:32
A6 I Finally ‘‘Gotcha’‘ 2:53
B1 The Blues And Freud (Part 1) (Quintet) 4:24
B2 The Blues And Freud (Part 2) (Quintet) 4:04
B3 Kaiser’s Last Break (Quintet) 4:25
B4 Gully Low Blues 2:17
B5 Blues Of The Roaring Twenties (Quintet) 3:58
B6 I’m Going Away From Here (Quintet) 4:08
C1 Breathless Blues (Quintet) 2:54
C2 Layin’My Rules In Blues (Vocal) 2:33
C3 Minor Swoon (Septet) 3:00
C4 Baby I’m Cuttin’ Out (Vocal) 3:03
C5 Perdido Street Stomp (Quintet) 2:52
C6 New Jailhouse Blues (Vocal) 3:10
D1 Chicago Function (Part 1) (Septet) 3:12
D2 Chicago Function (Part 2) (Septet 2:32
D3 Bad Bad Baby Blues (Vocal) 2:54
D4 Boogin’ With Big Sid 3:05
D5 De Luxe Stomp (Quintet) 2:40
D6 Broken Man Blues (Vocal) 2:35

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