Benali, Ghalia / Lischka, Romina : Call to Prayer

Benali, Ghalia: Call to Prayer

Call to Prayer

Benali, Ghalia / Lischka, Romina

Fuga Libera
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Track list

1 Tounes
2 Pièces de viole: Suite No 2 in G Major: Le Carillo
3 Mosabbeb al asbab
4 Raga Bhairav – Awatadhkourou
5 Pieces de viole Book 3: Suite in G Major: Le Mouli
6 Nouh Al Hamam – Pieces de viole Book 5: Suite in A
7 Prelude
8 Raga Yaman – Ra’a al barq
9 Pieces de viole Book 4: Le Badinage – La Talumi
10 Teryaq
11 Jaa Rasoul – Pieces de viole Book 5: Suite in A Mi
12 Prélude en sol – Dama Daiman – Raga Bhairavi
13 Pieces de viole Book 2: Suite No 2 in D Minor: Les

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