Bewitched : Encyclopedia of Evil + Hell Comes to Essen

Bewitched: Encyclopedia of Evil + Hell Comes to Essen

Encyclopedia of Evil + Hell Comes to Essen


Osmose Productions
CD 10,99 €

Originally released in 1996, Encyclopedia of Evil was a fun all-covers EP that followed closely on the heels of BEWITCHED's celebrated debut album, Diabolical Desecration. Totaling 25 minutes, here can you hear the band rip through reverential covers of Venom, Bathory, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, and even Black Widow and concluding the record with the then-brand-new track “Hellcult.” Alternately, Hell Comes to Essen was released in 1998 following BEWITCHED's celebrated second album, Pentagram Prayer, the year before. This raw ‘n' bloody live album was recorded during 1997's monumental World Domination Tour, which included then-labelmates Enslaved, Dark Tranquillity, Swordmaster, Dellamorte, and the pre-DragonForce Demoniac. Collected together for the first time ever, a wild ‘n' indispensible collection!

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Track list

Encyclopedia Of Evil:
1. Prologue 00:42
2. Warhead (Venom cover) 03:44 3. Sacrifice (Bathory cover) 03:41 4. Evil (Mercyful Fate cover) 04:54 5. Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover) 04:45
6. Come to the Sabbat (Black Widow cover) 04:54

Hell Comes To Essen:
7. Hellcult 02:56 1. Blood on the Altar 02:41 2. Night of the Sinner 04:10 3. Hellcult 02:20 4. Bloodthirst 04:24 5. Hellblood 03:36 6. Demondawn 03:41 7. Holy Whore 03:04 8. Cremation of the Cross 03:15 9. Hard as Steel (Hot as Hell) 06:35 10. Blade of the Ripper 03:31 11. Sabbath of Sin (rehearsal version) 04:07 12. Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf cover) 03:40

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