Bewitched : Pentagram prayer

Bewitched: Pentagram prayer

Pentagram prayer


Osmose Productions
CD 10,99 €

Originally released in 1997, Pentagram Prayer saw BEWITCHED stripped down to a power-trio, with the longstanding duo of vocalist/guitarist Vargher and bassist Wrathyr backed by mysterious drummer Reaper, who'd depart after this album. In any case, the album keeps apace with their celebrated Diabolical Desecration the year before; if anything, Pentagram Prayer is even more resolutely rocking and less conventionally thrashy. As such, it's considered by many to be the band's best album!

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Track list

Blood on the Altar [2:37]
Hallways to Hell [4:26]
Demondawn [4:01]
Night of the Sinner [4:33]
Satan’s Claw [3:21]
Hellblood [2:52]
Beastchild [2:54]
Cremation of the Cross [3:00]
The Night Stalker [3:37]
Sacrifice to Satan [3:23]
Hellcult Attack [3:47]
Pentagram Prayer [2:56]

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