Black Goat / Ceremonial Torture : Black Magic Compendium -split

Black Goat: Black Magic Compendium -split

Black Magic Compendium -split

Black Goat / Ceremonial Torture

Bestial Burst
CD 13,99 €

Weird and obscure in an old school way, Ceremonial Torture from Hamina, Finland, goes even deeper than before in their strange darkness previously only raided by the most daring Central and South European black metal bands of the nineties. This all in their own signature style. Black Goat is the best kept secret of old school black metal from Moscow, Russia. True and real nightmare rituals, even ending this full length split album with a more than fitting Typhon cover. 110% underground Metal Hell all the way.

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Track list

01 Ceremonial Torture – Moonspell Secrecy 2:12
02 Ceremonial Torture – Blood Communion 5:36
03 Ceremonial Torture – Enochian Angels 4:10
04 Ceremonial Torture – Serpent Eyed Magic 3:24
05 Ceremonial Torture – The Long Forgotten Wastelands 3:52
06 Black Goat – Cathedral Nightmare 1:32
07 Black Goat – Ritual Suicide 2:15
08 Black Goat – Satanic Unholiness 2:55
09 Black Goat – Lust & Shantaeluf 3:07
10 Black Goat – Werewolf (The Curse of Gevaudan) 2:58
11 Black Goat – The Roman God (Typhon) 4:12

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