Brutality Reigns Supreme : Back From The Dead

Brutality Reigns Supreme: Back From The Dead

Back From The Dead

Brutality Reigns Supreme

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Track list

1 Rent To Kill
2 Crush Your Skull
3 Blood, War And Pain
4 Creatures Of The Past
5 Evil Eyes
6 Fear Of God
7 Children Of The Damned
8 Sucker
9 Dance Macabre
10 Brutality Reigns Supreme
11 Eating Flesh
12 Threshold To Senility
13 Back From The Dead
14 Nervegas
15 Walk To Neverland
16 Lying Bitch
17 Dream Of Destruction
18 Scream For Life
19 Roadkill
20 Kill, Death, Murder
21 Rendervous With The Dead
22 Voices In My Head
23 The Ballad Of SOD (You’re All Fat)
24 Soul To Suffer
25 Hatesong
26 Belive In Death

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