C.B.A. : Death To The Modern World

C.B.A.: Death To The Modern World

Death To The Modern World


Bestial Burst
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So, if you sow chunks of old school Swedish death metal together with rancid eighties d-beat punk and savage ImpNaz-styled black metal, inject the pulsating piece of mutant violence with a burning hatred towards this whole motherfucking “society” and the current ways of man, you'll end up with the delicate tunes of CBA. Rabid dogs howling at the Kali Yuga moon, proclaiming the demise of the modern world!

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Track list

1. Scavenging the Ruins of Weakness
2. Your Stupid Face/My Iron Fist
3. Pervitin Warmachine
4. The Tears of Strangers are only Water
6. Erase your Face
7. Generation Xerox
8. Go Go Gopnik Go!
9. Filipino Junkie Treatment
10. Good Boy Fritzl
11. Safe Space Invaders
12. Trigger Happy

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