Cephalic Carnage : Conforming to abnormality

Cephalic Carnage: Conforming to abnormality

Conforming to abnormality

Cephalic Carnage

Relapse Records
Release year
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Track list

1. Anechoic Chamber
2. Jihad
3. Analytical
4. Wither
5. Regalos De Mota
6. Extreme Of Paranoia
7. A.Z.T.
8. Waiting For The Millennium
9. Live At Your Moms House
10. Exhumed Remains
11. Britches
12. The Struggle
13. Trailor Park Meth Queen
14. Phantom Pharter
15. Strung Out On Viagra
16. Perversions And The Guilt After
17. Stepped In Cow Shit Blues
18. Father Pederast
19. Once More With Out Feeling
20. untitled
21. untitled
22. Shut Up
23. Novocain (Re-Installing Teeth)
24. Shrump Po’ Boy
25. Celebrate
26. Occular Penile Receptacle
27. Dave’s Lunch (cd only bonus track)
28. Untitled (cd only bonus track)

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