Ceremonial Torture / Hail Conjurer : Split

Ceremonial Torture: Split


Ceremonial Torture / Hail Conjurer

Bestial Burst
CD 12,99 €

Compact disc version of the split released a while ago on 12"vinyl. Obscure underground black metal from two esoteric Finnish projects. CT is inspired by the classic Greek bm kults, yet definitely has an original path and very dark identity. Hail Conjurer takes another step down the abyss of Hell, powerful as ever. DVD size digipak with stunning artwork by Hell Kettunen Art.

Release date: 13.12.2019. Product will be shipped a day before the release date.

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Track list

1. Ceremonial Torture – My Dragonpath under the starlight
2. Ceremonial Torture – Eve of the crimson hearted
3. Hail Conjurer – Fallen and erected

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