Circulation : Tank Tracks

Circulation: Tank Tracks

Tank Tracks


Shadoks Music
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Real Garage sound like early VU!

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Track list

Most songs by the band, wellcrafted with the right spirit. Not as perfect as some other Deroy but really stoned and trippy with cheezy organ and raw guitars. Beside Complex, Parameter and Candida Pax the rarest and maybe best album on this label. Circulation was formed by pupils at Bedales School, Petersfield, Hampshire, England in the late 1960s. It was an independent initiative, rather than an official school project, but was encouraged by some of the staff. The group rehearsed in the Bedales music school and performed regularly at school dances in the dining hall. The band composed its own music but also played many of the rock and blues classics of the time. It built up an enthusiastic following within the school but was little known outside.
Family and fans signed up in advance for vinyls, 50 of which were pressed by Deroy Sound Service, based in Carnforth, Lancashire.
This is real Underground….

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