Clutch : Blast Tyrant

Clutch: Blast Tyrant

Blast Tyrant


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Track list

1 Mercury
2 Profits of Doom
3 The Mob Goes Wild
4 Cypress Grove
5 Promoter (Of Earthbound Causes)
6 The Regulator
7 Worm Drink
8 Army of Bono
9 Spleen Merchant
10 The Swollen Ghost (In the Wake of the)
11 Weathermaker
12 Subtle Hustle
13 Ghost
14 La Curandera (Noted From the Trial of)

CD 2
1 Box Car Shorty’s Confession
2 The Regulator [Acoustic]
3 Basket of Eggs [Acoustic]
4 Tight Like That [Acoustic]
5 Drink To the Dead [Acoustic]
6 Cattle Car
7 Walpole Man
8 Promoter [Demo Version]
9 La Curandera [Demo Version]
10 Steve Doocy

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