Cockburn, Bruce : Greatest hits 1970-2020

Cockburn, Bruce: Greatest hits 1970-2020

Greatest hits 1970-2020

Cockburn, Bruce

True North Records
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Track list

1 Going to the Country 2 Musical Friends 3 One Day I Walk 4 Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long 5 All the Diamonds in the World 6 Silver Wheels 7 Wondering Where the Lions Are 8 Tokyo 9 Rumours of Glory 10 The Coldest Night of the Year 11 Wanna Go Walking 12 The Trouble with Normal 13 Lovers in a Dangerous Time 14 If I Had a Rocket Launcher 15 Call It Democracy 16 People See Through You 17 Waiting for a Miracle 18 Stolen Land 19 If a Tree Falls 20 A Dream Like Mine 21 Listen for a Laugh 22 Night Train 23 Pacing the Cage 24 Last Night of the World 25 Anything Anytime Anywhere 26 Open 27 Put It in Your Heart 28 Different When It Comes to You 29 Call Me Rose 30 States I’m in

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