Dark Funeral : Secrets of the black arts

Dark Funeral: Secrets of the black arts

Secrets of the black arts

Dark Funeral

Century Media
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2CD 15,99 €

“The Secrets Of The Black Arts” is the much celebrated debut album by Swedish black metal overlords DARK FUNERAL. Now including the 1995 Unisound recording of the whole album as special bonus!

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Track list

The Dark Age Has Arrived [0:16]
The Secrets of the Black Arts [3:42]
My Dark Desires [3:47]
The Dawn No More Rises [3:59]
When Angels Forever Die [4:07]
The Fire Eternal [3:55]
Satan’s Mayhem [4:53]
Shadows Over Transylvania [3:41]
Bloodfrozen [4:20]
Satanic Blood [2:11]
Dark Are the Path to Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal) [5:59]

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