Das EFX : Hold it down

Das EFX: Hold it down

Hold it down


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2LP 28,99 € 23,99 €
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180gr./Insert/1000 Numbered Cps On Green Marbled Vinyl

Estimated delivery in 1-2 weeks. Add a few days if outside Finland.

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Track list

LP 1
1. Intro (Once Again)
2. No Diggedy
3. Knockin’ Niggaz Off
4. Here We Go
5. Real Hip Hop (Original Version)
6. Here It is
7. Microphone Master
8. 40 & a Blunt
9. Buck- Buck

LP 2
1. Intro
2. Can’t Have Nuttin’
3. Alright
4. Hold It Down
5. Dedicated
6. Ready To Rock Rough Rhymes
7. Represent the Real (Featuring Krs-One)
8. Commin’ Thru
9. Hardcore Rap Act
10. Bad News (Featuring Pmd)

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