Death Nöize : Fullmoon Fury Ritual

Death Nöize: Fullmoon Fury Ritual

Fullmoon Fury Ritual

Death Nöize

Bestial Burst
Release year
CD 11,99 €

Very old school black metal from Transylvania, Romania. Filthy and dark in the lines of Darkthrone, Hellhammer, Incriminated and Bloodhammer, with some of that magic musical anarchy a'la Venom, Warfare or even Chaotic Dischord. Second album from these anonymous anti-hipsters, seven punishing songs in 35 minutes. Loud, ugly and downright fucking awesome.

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Track list

1. Rite Of The Posessed Witches
2. Violent Command
3. Fullmoon Fury Ritual
4. Belial
5. Only Carnage Gives Me Pleasure
6. Lawless Vandalism
7. Wrath Of God

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