Deep Purple : Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner

Deep Purple: Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner

Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner

Deep Purple

US Westwood One
W 90-52
Release year
Used 2lp 100,00 €

Two inserts. Light wear on edges. Records EX-.

US Westwood One - W 90-52 - 1990

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Track list

Seg 1 – 19:56 Side 1
A1 Incue: “Westwood One Presents…”
A2 Poen Bbds.: K-Mart
A3 Perfect Strangers
A4 Breakfast In Bed
A5 Fortuneteller
A6 King Of Dreams
A7 Commercials: :30 K-Mart Photo :30 Miller Lite :30 Alka Seltzer Adv. Form. :30 US Marines
A8 Outcue: “…The Marine Corps.”

Seg 2 – 14:58 Side 2
B1 Incue: “I Don’t Think I’m…”
B2 Nobody’s Home
B3 Space Truckin’
B4 Hush
B5 Commercials: :30 Alka Seitzer Adv. Form. :60 American Will Kit :30 Miller Lite
B6 Outcue: “…Westwood One Radio Network”

Seg 3 – 13:08 Side 3
C1 Incue: “I’m Mary Turner…”
C2 Knockin’ On Your Backdoor
C3 Too Much Is Never Enough
C4 Comersials: :30 K-Mart Photo :60 Motel 6/PSA ;30 US Marines
C5 Outcue “…By The Marine Corps.”

Seg 4 – 10:02 Side 4
D1 Incue: “I’m Mary Turner…”
D2 Lazy
D3 Smoke On The Water
D4 Fire In The Basement
D5 Outcue: “…Executive Producer, Norm Pattiz.” Music Out

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