Desplat, Alexandre / Soundtrack : Little Women

Desplat, Alexandre: Little Women

Little Women

Desplat, Alexandre / Soundtrack

Music On Vinyl
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Track list

Side A
1. Little Women
2. Plumfield
3. The Beach
4. Christmas Morning
5. Dance on the Porch
6. Ice Skating

Side B
1. The Book
2. Father Comes Home
3. Christmas Breakfast
4. Amy
5. Friedrich Dances with Jo
6. Telegram
7. Theatre in the Attic

Side C
1. Laurie Kisses Amy
2. Friedrich
3. Laurie and Jo on the Hilll
4. Young Love
5. Meg’s Dress
6. Carriage Ride
7. Laurie
8. The Letter
9. Snow In The Garden

Side D
1. Jo Writes
2. Amy, Fred, Meg & John
3. Dr March’s Daughters
4. It’s Romance

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