Flooded Church Of Asmodeus : No Parole From Necropolitean Catacombs

Flooded Church Of Asmodeus: No Parole From Necropolitean Catacombs

No Parole From Necropolitean Catacombs

Flooded Church Of Asmodeus

Bestial Burst
Release year
CD 13,99 €

Over one hour of horrendous Black Noise from Finland including all songs from the following FCOA releases: No Parole From Satanic Underground tape (2009), split 7" with Prodeath (2011) and split tape with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium (2016). Original artwork of each release included.

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Track list

1. Distorted Priesthood
2. Infra Green Ritual XXX
3. The Midnight Bat
4. Baptism by the Six Thousand Terrors of Hell
5. Monastery Disturbance
6. Random Manifestation of Vampirism
7. Jesus Chrust medley: Feareth the Lord God Forbid
8. No Parole from Satanic Underground
9. The Blood and Thunder Shocker
10. Rule of the Ancient Feeling
11. Atomic Triple Threat
12. Raiding the Necropolitean Catacombs
13. Inverted Nun
14. Uncensored View from the Altar
15. Climax of Obscurity
16. Vampire Epidemic
17. The Skull Collector
18. Pentagram League
19. Church Of The Wrong

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