Granfelt, Ben : Time Flies When You're Playing Guitar

Granfelt, Ben: Time Flies When You're Playing Guitar

Time Flies When You're Playing Guitar

Granfelt, Ben

Sprucefield Oy Ltd
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Track list

CD 1. Instrumental
1. Roadracing (The Truth)
2. Grand Canyon (The Truth)
3. Passport (The Truth)
4. Power of Passion (The Truth)
5. Belly Dancer (The Truth)
6. Kellogg’s Blues (The Truth)
7. Snowking (Radio Friendly)
8. The Groove Thing (Radio Friendly)
9. Radio Friendly (Radio Friendly)
10.The Stumble (Radio Friendly)
11.Checkerd Flag (Radio Friendly)
12.Snowking Anthem (Radio Friendly)

CD 2. Voc & Instrumental
1. Slapshot (LIVE)
2. The New Song (LIVE)
3. What we are (E.G.O)
4. E.G.O (E.G.O)
5. Hush (E.G.O)
6. Home (E.G.O)
7. Crashing Down (E.G.O)
8. The Dream pt.2 (E.G.O)
9. All I want to be (All I want to be)
10.Picture, perfect reality (All I want to be)
11.Riff’o‘Rama II (All I want to be)
12.Falling for you again (All I want to be)

CD 3. LIVE (LIVE Experience 1996-2003)
1. E.G.O (2003 Cantina West, Helsinki)
2. The new Song (2003 Cantina West, Helsinki)
3. Picture, Perfect Reality (2003 Cantina West, Helsinki)
4. Heavy Rain (2003 Cantina West, Helsinki)
5. Riff’o‘Rama II (2003 Cantina West, Helsinki)
6. The Groove Thing (2000 Shepherds Bush, London)
7. What we are (2000 Shepherds Bush, London)
8. Wind Cries Mary (2000 Shepherds Bush, London)
9. Power of Passion (2000 Shepherds Bush, London)
10.White Room (1996 Tavastia Club, Helsinki)
11.The Dream (1996 Tavastia Club, Helsinki)
12.Checkered Flag (1996 POP Kalaset, Vaasa)
13.Medley: Space Trucking/Woman from Tokyo/Back in black/Ain’t no love
in the heart of the city/War Pigs/Paranoid. (1997 O’Malleys, Kauniainen)

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