Hail Conjurer : Carnal Light

Hail Conjurer: Carnal Light

Carnal Light

Hail Conjurer

Bestial Burst
Release year
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Track list

No rest for the wicked, ever prolific and one of the most exciting
black metal units of our time unleashes another album. Obscure and
underground, hypnotic pulses and deep forest rituals, Carnal Light
shines over any mental and physical obstacle. Triumphant blood magic to
feed the hungriest demons out there…

1. Triumphant 7:53
2. Runes Carved In Flesh 2:07
3. Return 5:40
4. Temple Of The Living 2:25
5. Blood Magician 3:33
6. Transgressive 2:40
7. Feed The Demon 3:12
8. Worship 3:33

Hail Conjurer - Triumphant

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