Huun-Huur-Tu : Spirits From Tuva

Huun-Huur-Tu: Spirits From Tuva

Spirits From Tuva


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Track list

Eki Attar (G. Bitsikas Mix) (Radio Edit) 3:45 Far Away From Home (Da Loop Radio Edit) 3:31 Legend (Payuta Sitar Mix) 3:00 Descarga (Goldenberg & Schmuyle Mix) 4:50 Far Away From Home (DJ Sugar Caine Mix) 7:53 Spring Song (DJ Emjay Mix) 3:17 Mountain Voice (Da Loop Trance Mix) 5:27 Cheedy – Khaan / Seven Kings (Malerija Mix) 3:13 Prayer (Payuta World Mix) 4:15 Love Ride (Malerija Mix) 4:12 River Of Home (Yomano Mix) 3:59 Aa Shuu De Kei-Oo (Live) 3:17

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