Inade : Colliding Dimensions

Inade: Colliding Dimensions

Colliding Dimensions


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Track list

First Season: 1995-1997; Esterhofen, Dresden, Rostock, Prague
A1 Breath Of Europa 4:43
A2 Myth Encoded 3:56
A3 Grinding Inside 7:08
A4 Traumbrecht 6:07
B1 Lineage Of Gold 5:14
B2 L’Age D’Or 5:42
B3 Breaking The Walls 4:05
B4 Movement And Construction 4:50 Second Season: 1998-2000; Erlangen, London, Leeds, New York City, Cleveland
C1 Vitriol I 6:16
C2 The Conquest Of Being Separated II 6:01
C3 Ashram 4:36
C4 With The Flood To Light 7:30
D1 Lemuria Revised 4:47
D2 Serpentine Energy 6:04
D3 Vitriol II 6:38 Third Season: 1999-2002; Lille, Toronto, Frederick, Prague
E1 Genius Loci IV 5:43
E2 Spiritual Army 6:59
E3 Universal Wave Function 5:50
E4 Quartered Conclusion 6:45
F1 Palatine Of Sublime Heaven 6:22
F2 Divine Hybrid 5:58
F3 Legion Of God 8:01 Fourth Season: 2000-2002; Berlin, Moscow, Wroclaw, St. Niklaas, St. Petersburg
G1 Kwa Non Se I 9:20
G2 Kwa Non Se II 6:24
G3 The Last Wing Of Alchemical States 5:29
G4 And Death Shall Not Have Dominion 3:49
H1 Titan In Shivering Sand 5:56
H2 Caldera 4:40
H3 Chapel Perilous 7:22

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