Isvind : Daumyra

Isvind: Daumyra



Kyrck Productions
Release year
LP 31,99 €

black vinyl, ltd 150, 12 page silverprint booklet, this version has the complete tracks with the extra guitars that wasn?t included in the cd version, expect raw traditional Norwegian BM at its best

Estimated delivery in 2-3 weeks. Add a few days if outside Finland.

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Track list

1. Kast Loss, Brenn Alt!2:40
2. Burn The Kings 3:40
3. Blodstorm 6:00
4. The Dark Traverse 4:40
5. Djevelens Uvær 5:20
6. Myra 4:20
7. Speculum 4:30
8. Klabautermann 6:00

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