Iterum Nata

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  • Iterum Nata : Bardo Disorder

    Limited edition of 250 copies. / The third solo album from ​Hexvessel​ lead guitarist Jesse Heikkinen under the mantle of Iterum Nata​, ​Bardo Disorder​, is a personal work of melodic and psychedelic folk. Heavily influenced by Thelema, Paganism and Hermeticism, ​Iterum Nata​ is a transcendent sojourn where enlightenment and melancholy go hand in hand. 70’s progressive rock and folk with ambient and neofolk influences, ​Bardo Disorder​ ​is a sentimental and heartfelt invocation of songcraft.

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    Svart Records
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  • Iterum Nata : The Course of Empire

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    Inverse Records
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  • Iterum Nata : Iterum Nata

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