King Crimson : Elements Tour Box 2019

King Crimson: Elements Tour Box 2019

Elements Tour Box 2019

King Crimson

Discipline Global Mobile
2CD 23,99 €

Release date: 28.6.2019. Product will be shipped a day before the release date.

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Track list

- 1 – 1. Wind [Extract] 2. 21st Century Schizoid Man [Instrumental] 3. Cadence and Cascade [Four Vocalists] 4. Catfood [Keith Tippett, Piano] 5. Pictures of a City [Robert Fripp, Guitars] 6. Lizard Suite Live At Centre Videotron, Quebec City, July 7, 7. The Letters Live At State Theatre, Minneapolis, June 26, 201 8. The Talking Drum Live At the Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles, O 9. Fracture [Mostly Drums Mix] January 1974 Air Studios 10. Starless [Mellotron Extract] Red Recording Sessions. 11. Red Live At Falkoner, Copenhagen, September 23, 2016. 12. Indiscipline Live At Teatro Metropolitan, Mexico City, July, 13. Neurotica Live At Chicago Theater, Chicago, June 28, 2017. 14. Three of a Perfect Pair Live At Nokia Theater, New York, Aug – 2 – 1. Inner Garden [Complete] 1994, Real World, Bath. 2. 4 Ii 1[Projekct One] Live At the Jazz Cafe, London, December 3. Vrooom [Projekct Two] Live At Pearl Street, Northampton, Jul 4. Seizure [Projekct Three] Live At Antone’s, Austin, March 25, 5. Projekction [Projekct Four] Live At the Crystal Ballroom, Po 6. The Construkction of Light Live At the Vogue Theatre, Vancou

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