Lullacry : Legacy 1998-2014

Lullacry: Legacy 1998-2014

Legacy 1998-2014


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Track list

CD 1
Hell On High Heels
Damn You
Don’t Touch The Flame
Alright Tonight
Crucify My Heart
Into Your Heart
Be My God
Fire Within
King Of Pain
Sweet Desire
Downwards feat. Nico Hartonen
Feel My Revenge feat Mikko Herranen
Pitch Black Emotions
Thousand Suns
Gone Are The Days
The Autumn
CD 2
To Every Heartache
L.O.V.E. Machine
Head Like A Hole
Unchain Me (Live in studio 2001)
Whisper In The Chaos ’97 feat. Ville Valo
For Evermore (Live in studio 1999)
The Chant (Live in studio 1999)
I Don’t Mind (Live at Radio City 2001)
Rain (Sweet Desire sessions)
May The Times Change (Sweet Desire sessions)
May The Times Change ’97 feat. Nico Hartonen
My Life (Crucify demo sessions 2002)
Crucify My Heart Pt. II (Piano version)
Children Of The Grave (Live at Tavastia 1999)
All For Nothing (Live at Tavastia 1999)
I Stole Your Love
Fool’s Journey (Instrumental)

Lullacry - Hell on High Heels teaser

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