Meiss : EP

Meiss: EP



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Track list

1. Reaching Out
2. Too Good To Be True
3. Go

Bonus Tracks
4. Reaching Out (Playback Version)
5. Too Good To Be True (Playback Version)
6. Go (Playback Version)

Meiss on suomalais-jordanialainen, alunperin Jyväskylästä kotoisin nykyään Espoossa tallusteleva naislaulaja-lauluntekijä. Musiikki on sekoitus retro soul rokkia ja progea itämaisilla mausteilla. Meiss arvostaa aitoja, rouheita sekä retroja soundeja, joten EP-kappaleet ovat masteroitu analoginauhurin kautta. Kappaleissa on piirteitä sellaisilta artisteila/bändeiltä kuten esim. Kingston Wall, Amy Winehouse, Ofra Haza, Katie Melua, Jefferson Airplane ja Led Zeppelin. Jokainen voi toki itse päätellä mitä kukin biisi tuo mieleen.

Ensimmäisessä kappaleessa “Reaching Out” on retro proge soulia, mutta toinen ja kolmas kappale on maustettu itämaisilla saundeilla ja ovat erilaisia kun ensimmäisen biisin äänimaailma. Kolmannessa kappaleessa “Go” on mm. koukuttava tango-rytmi.

Levy sisältää kappaleista myös playback versiot, joissa mukana soittimet sekä taustalaulut. Kuulija voi itse musisoida mukana esim. laulaa lurauttaa tai tiluttaa kitaralla.

Meiss is a Finnish-Jordanian Singer-Songwriter. Her music is a unique mix of soul and rock with an ethnic twist, which also reflects in her voice. The music has been described to be original and exotic with powerful rhythms.

Meiss has studied singing, playing piano and music technology in Finland. She has also been a lead singer in a Big Band and had several music projects. Meiss is a technology geek, with a creative mind and a wacky sense of humor. Meiss follows a Paleo lifestyle, and loves yoga and meditation.

Meiss bases her songs in life experiences; challenges, successes and love and wishes to share this to the listeners. The second track on the record called “Too Good To be True” was composed for finding inner strength. She has also a long background in IT, which she put aside to pursue her dream in music. The third song on the EP called “Go” was a major influence when processing the decision to follow her dream. The EP record provides strong vocals, great energy and chances for emotional interpretation. The band has a singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer and a keyboardist who also includes the legendary Moog and Rhodes piano in the songs.

Meiss appreciates genuine, rough and retro sounds. The EP songs are mastered through an analog tape recorder. The EP includes three main songs and bonus tracks of these songs as playback versions. Playback versions can be used for singing, guitar or any solo instrument to jam along and enjoy the tracks from another perspective. Playback versions include only the played instruments and the tracking vocals. The bonus tracks are available only when purchasing the CD.

Wish you a great musical experience!

Songs and lyrics by Meiss
Vocals: Meiss
Guitar: Saku Kaukiainen
Bass: Jyri Rosendahl
Keyboards: Akke Viitanen
Drums: Nestori Majoinen


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