Meters : Trick bag

Meters: Trick bag

Trick bag


Music on cd
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Track list

1. Disco is the Thing Today 2. Find Yourself 3. All These Things 4. I Want To Be Loved By You 5. Suite For 20 G 6. Doodle Loop (the World is a Little Bit Under the Weather) 7. Trick Bag 8. Mister Moon 9. Chug-A-Lug 10. Hang ‘Em High 11. Honky Tonk Woman 12. Love the One You’re With (Unr. Trick Bag Session 13. What More Can I Do (Unr. Trick Bag Sessions) 14. Down By the River (Unreleased Trick Bag Sessions) 15. Come Together (Unreleased Trick Bag Sessions) 16. Big Chief (Unreleased Trick Bag Sessions)

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