Milking the Goatmachine : Goatgrind

Milking the Goatmachine: Goatgrind


Milking the Goatmachine

Napalm Records
Release year
CD 19,99 €


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Track list

1. Burn Your Shed
2. Fear The Goathammer
3. U.H.T. Milk Is Murder
4. Talk To The Hoofe
5. Mrs. Goat re (Nanny Of The Damned)
6. Wolf Expander
7: Sound Of Breaking Horns
8. Shadows And Crust
9. Blow Your Sneakers
10. The Goatastic Four
11. No More Space In Herd
12. #Idiot
13. Goatgrind
14. Farm Of The Mutilated
15. Wheels Of Fire (Manowar Cover)

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