Moody Blues : Gold

Moody Blues: Gold


Moody Blues

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Track list

CD 1
1 Tuesday Afternoon
2 Nights In White Satin
3 Ride My See-Saw
4 Legend of a Mind
5 Voices In the Sky
6 Lovely To See You
7 Never Comes the Day
8 Gypsy (of a Strange and Distant Time)
9 Candle of Life
10 Watching and Waiting
11 Question
12 Melancholy Man
13 Story In Your Eyes
14 Lost In a Lost World
15 New Horizonds
16 Isn’t Life Strange
17 I’m Just a Singer (In a Rock’n‘roll Band)

CD 2
1 Remember Me My Friend (Blue Jays)
2 Blue Guitar (Blue Jays)
3 Steppin’ In a Slide Zone
4 Had To Fall In Love
5 Driftwood
6 Forever Autumn (Justin Hayward)
7 Voice
8 Talking Out of Turn
9 Gemini Dream
10 Blue World
11 Sitting At the Wheel
12 Your Wildest Dreams
13 I Know You’re Out There Somewhere
14 Say It With Love
15 Bless the Wings (That Bring You Back)
16 Strange Times
17 December Snow

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