Motörhead : England

Motörhead: England



ITA Earmark
41023 C 8013252410239
Release year
Used 3lp
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This boxset includes: OVERKILL (green), ACE OF SPADES (red) and BOMBER (blue). Hype sticker on sleeve. Wear on boxset. Records EX.

ITA Earmark - 41023 C 8013252410239 - 2005

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Track list

A1 Overkill 5:13
A2 Stay Clean 2:42
A3 (I Won’t) Pay Your Price 2:57
A4 I’ll Be Your Sister 2:54
A5 Capricorn 4:11
B1 No Class 2:41
B2 Damage Case 3:04
B3 Tear Ya Down 2:41
B4 Metropolis 3:37
B5 Limb From Limb 4:54 Bomber
C1 Dead Men Tell No Tales 3:06
C2 Lawman 3:57
C3 Sweet Revenge 4:16
C4 Sharpshooter 3:19
C5 Poison 2:54
D1 Stone Dead Forever 4:54
D2 All The Aces 3:24
D3 Step Down 3:41
D4 Talking Head 3:40
D5 Bomber 3:43 Ace Of Spades
E1 Ace Of Spades 2:49
E2 Love Me Like A Reptile 3:23
E3 Shoot You In The Back 2:39
E4 Live To Win 3:37
E5 Fast And Loose 3:23
E6 (We Are) The Road Crew 3:12
F1 Fire Fire 2:44
F2 Jailbait 3:33
F3 Dance 2:38
F4 Bite The Bullet 1:38
F5 The Chase Is Better Than The Catch 4:18
F6 The Hammer 2:48

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