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  • Necromancer : Songs About Death and Stuff 1986 - 1991

    One of the first, and for many the best ever, underground thrash metal bands from Finland. Necromancer had more aggressive style than most of their compatriots of the era, having a sound closer to Slayer and Dark Angel than Metallica or Anthrax - yet there's still a lot of something that made early Finnish thrash metal unique. "Songs About Death and Stuff" brings together their full discography: all their demo recordings and self released 12" in one perfect package. Carefully edited and adjusted, but not remastered, perfectly keeping the dynamics of the original releases intact. 12 page booklet with interviews, detailed line-up and recording information, rare photos, tour posters, ads, flyers and killer artwork. Over 70 minutes of Finnish cult thrash metal from the era of most intense tapetrading culture and neck straining headbanging madness. Part of the glorious Thrashing Relics series by Bestial Burst.

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    Bestial Burst
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