Nirvana : Kaos theory

Nirvana: Kaos theory

Kaos theory


FM in concert
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A unique combination of 2 key radio broadcast performances by Nirvana, one being virtually their first performance at Olympia Community radio June 1987. The band played under the name Skid Row with Aaron Burckhard on drums. John Goodmanson booked this performance after seeing the band play at the 05/01/87 show. The performance took place on a combination of the radio shows “Out Of Order” and “Toy Train Crash Backside Bone Beefcake.” A recording of this performance served as the band’s first demo. The Second when the band were in their stride, having issued Bleach to a globally receptive audience. Recordings restored and re-mastered. Liner notes by author Dick Porter. Presented in card gatefold sleeve. 1-8 Westwood 1 broadcast from Del Mar in 1991, 9-15 05/06/87 – KAOS Olympia Community Radio, Olympia, WA.

1. Intro 2. School 3. Floyd The Barber 4. About A Girl 5. Breed 6. Come As You Are 7. Lithium 8. Territorial Pissings 9. Love Buzz 10. Floyd The Barber 11. Downer 12. Mexican Seafood 13. Spank Thru 14. Hairspray Queen 15. Pen Cap Chew

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