Noumena : Absence & Anatomy of Life

Noumena: Absence & Anatomy of Life

Absence & Anatomy of Life


Haunted Zoo
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Reissue, double digipak, bonus tracks

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Track list

Absence (CD1):
1. The End of the Century
2. Everlasting ward
3. The First Drop
4. Slain Memories
5. A Day to Depart
6. Prey of the Tempter
7. Here We Lie
8. All Veiled
9. The Dream and the Escape
10. The Great Anonymous Doom
11. Among the Unseen (bonus track)
12. A Solemn Grace (bonus track)
13. Unlit (bonus track)

Anatomy of Life (CD2):
1. Misanthropolis
2. Burden of Solacement
3. Retrospection
4. The Burning
5. Monument of Pain
6. Triumph and Loss
7. Marionettes
8. Through the Element
9. Fire and Water
10. Hypnos (bonus track)
11. Tarnish Me (bonus track)

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