Potbelly : A Tale of Debauchery

Potbelly: A Tale of Debauchery

A Tale of Debauchery


Pig Records
Release year
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Track list

1 A Pervert’s Salute to Unity 2 Jaimee (The Cock Blocking Lesbian) 3 Misadventures in 86 4 Tweekers 5 Allan’s Dad 6 Oink 7 Serious Song About Jack Shit 8 Fine By Me 9 Blowjob Bandit 10 Beer Slut 11 Better Metal Than Your Dumb Metal Band 12 Tale of Debauchery (A:The Desert Whore B:Sheriff Bullet Hole C:The Running Man) 13 Stocking Stuff-Her 14 Unlike You 15 Dreaming of Murder 16 Drinking in the Park 17 Slasher in the 360 18 A Pervert’s Salute to Unity Part II 19 A Stupid Song at the End of This Shitty Record

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