Ride For Revenge : Enter the Gauntlet

Ride For Revenge: Enter the Gauntlet

Enter the Gauntlet

Ride For Revenge

Bestial Burst
CD 13,99 €

2021 re-press of the longest and most tormenting Ride For Revenge album

Release date: 16.4.2021. Product will be shipped a day before the release date.

You can make a reservation for this product and pick it up after release date from the nearest Record Shop X.

Track list

1. Nights Possessed 07:54
2. Dead Insane 05:29
3. The Fog Is Green and Pungent 23:38
4. Absolute Mystical Doctrine 03:03
5. Presence of the Reaper 02:43
6. Frozen 13:19
7. Victorious 13:53
8. Enter the Gauntlet 03:02

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