Rush : Rush In Rio

Rush: Rush In Rio

Rush In Rio


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4LP 90,99 €

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Track list

o Side A 1.Tom Sawyer 2.Distant Early Warning 3.New World man 4.Roll The Bones

o Side B 1.Earthshine 2.YYZ 3.The Pass 4.Bravado

o Side C 1.The Big money 2.The Trees 3.Free Will 4.Closer To The heart

o Side D 1.Natural Science 2.One Little Victory 3.Driven 4.Ghost Rider

o Side E 1.Secret Touch 2.Dreamline 3.Red Sector A 4.Leave That Thing Alone

o Side F 1.O Baterista 2.Resist 3.2112

o Side G 1.Limelight 2.La Villa Strangiato 3.The Spirit Of Radio

o Side H 1.By-Tor And The Snow Dog 2.Cygnus X-1 3.Working Man 4.Between Sun & Moon 5.Vital Signs

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