Samurai Of Prog : The Lady and The Lion

Samurai Of Prog: The Lady and The Lion

The Lady and The Lion

Samurai Of Prog

Seacrest Oy
CD 10,99 €

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Track list

1 Into the Woods
2 The Three Snake Leaves
3 Iron John
4 A Queen’s Wish
5 The Lady and the Lion
6 Blue Light

Marco Bernard
Kimmo Pörsti (Mist Season)
Steve Unruh (Resistor, UPF) With
Ton Scherpenzeel (Kayak)
Bart Schwertmann (Kayak)
Cam Blokland (Southern Empire)
Valerie Gracious (Phideaux)
Rafael Pacha
Octavio Stampàlia (Jinetes Negros)
Alessandro Di Benedetti (Mad Crayon, Inner Prospekt)
Carmine Capasso
David Myers
Jaime Rosas
Kari Riihimaki
Marc Pereghin
Marcelo Ezcurra

"The Lady and the Lion" (teaser)

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