Signmark : Silent shout

Signmark: Silent shout

Silent shout


Signmark Productions
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Track list

Rap and hip hop artist Signmark releases his third studio album Silent Shout on April 25th, 2014. The album includes a CD and a DVD, on which there are a music videos of every track. Signmark performs in each of these videos in the capacity of a signing rapper. Born deaf, Signmark signs the songs on the new album using international sign language and Southern Chinese sign language, and one song using American Sign Language.

Silent Shout album includes, in addition to the videos, nine traditional audio tracks, on which the following featuring artists perform: Saara Aalto, Brandon Bauer, Heini Ikonen, Osmo Ikonen, Helena Juntunen, Katea Max, Marcel Moore, Chike Ohanwe, Gary Revel Jr., Adam Tensta, Mitra Vasara and Laura Voutilainen. Also Signmark performs as a vocalist on one of the tracks on the album.

1. Impossible Is My Thing feat.
Adam Tensta
Saara Aalto
Chike Ohanwe
2. Aito Gambler feat.
Chike Ohanwe
Osmo Ikonen
Heini Ikonen
Mitra Vasara
3. Score feat.
Marcel Moore
Mitra Vasara
4. Fighting feat.
Chike Ohanwe
Katea Max
Heini Ikonen
5. The New Dawn feat.
Brandon Bauer
Heini Ikonen
Helena Juntunen
6. Talk The Talk feat.
Chike Ohanwe
Marko Vuoriheimo
Heini Ikonen
7. Maniac feat.
Brandon Bauer
Kings And Queens
Chike Ohanwe
Laura Voutilainen
Heini Ikonen
8. Silent Shout feat.
Gary Revel JR
Heini Ikonen
Chike Ohanwe

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