Soundtrack / Jackman, Henry : Jumanji

Soundtrack: Jumanji


Soundtrack / Jackman, Henry

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180gr./250 Cps Silver & Black Marbled vinyl

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Track list

Side A
1. The Jumanji Overture
2. Digging Up the Past
3. Brantford High
4. Into the Jungle
5. Out of Character
6. The Legend of the Jewel
7. The Adventure Begins

Side B
1. Special Abilities
2. The Bikers
3. Van Pelt
4. A Test of Friendship
5. The Bazaar
6. Snake Charmer
7. The Power of Bravestone
8. Seaplane McDonough

Side C
1. The Missing Piece
2. Lost in Time
3. Flirting With Danger
4. Albino Rhinos
5. Retrieving the Emerald
6. Out of Lives
7. First Kiss
8. The Jaguars

Side D
1. Ring of Fire
2. Begin the Climb
3. Call Out Its Name
4. Leaving Jumanji
5. An Older Friend
6. Back To School

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