Takalo, Arttu : The truth in dark phrases

Takalo, Arttu: The truth in dark phrases

The truth in dark phrases

Takalo, Arttu

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Track list

1. Veterans of Love (4:11)
2. I Wish I Knew (4:41)
3. Dream Eaters (5:00)
4. The Truth In Dark Phrases (2:12)
5. The House That Has No Lights (4:09)
6. The Best Way Out Is Always Through (3:30)
7. Black Desert of the Electronic Night (5:38)
8. Greater Gods Might Be Watching (4:34)
9. Hole in My Heart (4:32)
10. En natt, en strand, en flicka (3:27)
11. La Danse Finale (1:12)

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