Tchaikovsky, Pyotr / Järvi, Kristian / Baltic Sea Philharmonic : Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty - a Dramatic Symphony

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr: Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty - a Dramatic Symphony

Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty - a Dramatic Symphony

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr / Järvi, Kristian / Baltic Sea Philharmonic

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Sleeping Beauty by Peter Iljitsch Tchaikovsky (1849–1893) is one of the greatest and most iconic ballet music compositions of all time. After the success of the previous Tchaikovsky releases (Snow Maiden and Swan Lake), Kristjan Järvi once again took the highlights of Tchaikovsky's composition and arranged them into a kind of symphony. He recorded this album with his orchestra, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic. Tchaikovsky’s score for the Sleeping Beauty runs to almost three hours, but Kristjan Järvi condensed the ballet into a version lasting around 70 minutes. Kristjan’s thinking when he put together his arrangement is purely musical, which makes the music easy to follow for the listener.

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Track list

1. Introduction 2. Act I March 1 3. Dancing Scene: Entrance of the Fairies 4. Pas De Six 5. Crystal Fountain Fairy 6. Enchanted Garden Fairy 7. Breadcrumb Fairy 8. Fairy of the Songbirds 9. Violante (Fairy of Ardent Strong Passions) 10. Lilac Fairy 11. Carabosse (the Bad Fairy) 12. Scene (Aurora S 16th Birthday/Scene of the Knitters) 13. Garland Waltz 14. Aurora is Introduced To the Suitors 15. Rose Adagio 16. Dance of the Maids of Honour and Pages 17. Aurora’s Variation 1 18. Coda 1 19. Act I Finale (Charm) 20. Act Ii Introduction (Prince Desire’s Hunting Party) 21. Blind Man’s Buff 22. Dance of the Duchesses 23. Dance of the Baronesses 24. Dance of the Marchionesses 25. Farandole (Scene) 26. Dance (Mazurka) 27. Desire and the Lilac Fairy 28. Pas D’action: Desire Sees Aurora 29. Aurora’s Variation 2 30. Coda 2 31. Panorama 32. Entr’acte 33. Symphonic Entr’acte: Sleep 34. Act Ii Finale: Aurora’s Awakening 35. Act Iii March 2 36. Polonaise 37. Pas De Quatre 1 38. The Silver Fairy 39. The Sapphire Fairy 40. The Diamond Fairy 41. Puss-In-Boots and the White Cat 42. Pas De Quatre 2 43. Cinderella and Prince Fortune 44. The Blue Bird and Princess Florine 45. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf 46. Cinderella and Her Prince 47. Tom Thumb, His Brothers and the Ogre 48. Pas De Deux: Entrance 49. Prince Desire 50. Aurora 51. Pas De Deux: Coda 52. Sarabande 53. Finale 54. Apotheosis

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