Them Bird Things : Stephen Crow Must Die

Them Bird Things: Stephen Crow Must Die

Stephen Crow Must Die

Them Bird Things

Playground Music
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Them Bird Things new album Stephen Crow Must Die. Watch “House of Stone” 360 video!

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Track list

1. I Think She Likes Me
2. House of Stone
3. I, Julius
4. Last of the Silent Screen Stars
5. Choke Chain
6. Alcoholocaust (I’m Drunk Again)
7. Love is a Vendetta
8. In the Shadow of Mulatto Mountain
9. Slim Harpo Sez
10. Call Me Calamity (The Great White Hope)
11. Saint Jerome in the Desert Observes Hunting Hawks
12. Stephen Crow Must Die
13. Rainy Boy
14. Why Should We Not
15. Let Us Burn
16. Wife of Bath

Them Bird Things: House of Stone

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