Threshold : Psycedelicatessen -re-issue special edition

Threshold: Psycedelicatessen -re-issue special edition

Psycedelicatessen -re-issue special edition


Nuclear Blast
Release year
2CD 18,99 €

2 bonus tracks & 5 live tracks

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Track list

01. Sunseeker
02. A Tension Of Souls
03. Into The Light
04. Will To Give
05. Under The Sun
06. Babylon Rising
07. He Is I Am
08. Innocent
09. Devoted
10. Lost
11. Intervention


Bonus tracks:
01. Fist Of Tongues
02. Half Way Home

Livedelica (recorded live in Europe):
03. A Tension Of Souls
04. Sanitys End
05. Innocent
06. Surface To Air
07. Paradox

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