Tiersen, Yann : Portrait

Tiersen, Yann: Portrait


Tiersen, Yann

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Track list

1. Introductory Movement (Featuring Stephen O’Malley) 2. The Long Road (La Longue Route) 3. Monochrome (Featuring Gruff Rhys) 4. Chapter 19 (Featuring Olavur Jakupsson) 5. Rue Des Cascades (Featuring Olavur Jakupsson) 6. The Old Man Still Wants It 7. Gwennilied (Featuring Emilie Tiersen) 8. Prad (Featuring Stephen O’Malley) 9. Diouz an Noz (Featuring Emilie Tiersen & Olavur Jakupsson) 10. Porz Goret 11. La Dispute 12. Pell (Featuring Emilie Tiersen) 13. Erc’h (Featuring Olavur Jakupsson) 14. The Wire (Sur Le Fil) 15. The Waltz of the Monsters (Featuring Emilie Tiersen) 16. Closer (Featuring Blonde Redhead) 17. Naval 18. The Jetty 19. Koad (Featuring Olavur Jakupsson) 20. Prayer No.2 21. Gronjord (Featuring Olavur Jakupsson) 22. Kala (Featuring Olavur Jakupsson) 23. Comptine D’un Autre Ete (L’apres-Midi) 24. Tempelhof (Part 2) 25. Thinking Like a Mountain (Feat. John Grant & Stephen O’Malle

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